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Use this form to contact us and we will direct your question to the correct department. We appreciate your contact with us. Some of the emails sent to us are theological questions requiring time and research to adequately answer. Our apologetics researcher works with us on a part-time basis. If your schedule allows you to be patient for a response, we gladly welcome your questions.

Donations & Projects

Donations—Support Josh McDowell Ministry as we serve others.
The Witness—Join us to touch the world with The Witness novel.
Ministry Briefing—Contact us for information on Summit events and Ministry Briefings.
Projects—Find out what our projects are or what our most urgent needs are.
Global Outreach—Multiplying global ministry by equipping ministry partners.
Planned Giving — Contact us for information on planned giving.
Stock Gifts — Contact us for making gifts with stock.

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Request Josh—Request Josh McDowell to speak at your event.
Speaking Events—Send us your questions about an event in your area.

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Customer Service

Request—Contact for copyright permissions or other general requests.
Customer Service—Contact customer service for help with products. (Or call 866-252-5424.)

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Share Your Story—Share your story with us about how Josh’s message has made a difference in your life or someone you know.
Counseling—View a counselor list or fill out a form.
Prayers—Let us pray for you or someone you know.
Press Center—Access press information and see what the ministry is doing globally.

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Human Resources

Human Resources—Contact us if you need help with employment or volunteer questions.

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Publishers—Contact us to publish material.
Translations—Let us help you translate and publish material in your language.

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Other Information—Let us know how we can help you.
Webmaster—Contact for technical questions related to