Cairo Book Fair 2013

In ministry, as in all of life, timing is important.

We have an urgent need. This January, 3 million people from all over the Arab world will descend on Cairo, Egypt for the largest book fair in the region. In fact, it’s the second largest event of its kind in the world!

We’ve been asked to supply 50,000 copies of Undaunted for visitors from the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia to take back to their countries. Every book and DVD distributed at the book fair can be legally transported to ANY COUNTRY of the world — including many countries officially closed to Christian evangelism. What an opportunity!

We feel led by God to provide each of the DVDs they have requested, but we need to raise $150,000 before December 31. (The good news is that each DVD costs just $3!)

THANK YOU for impacting families for Christ through this ministry. We can’t do it without you!

Please donate today!

After watching Undaunted a ministry leader in the area said:

“Josh, with this film, you have given the greatest of sacrifices — your story.  Our culture is one of honor and shame. This film which exposes the shame of your life is almost incomprehensible to my culture.  It will open up doors of opportunity to share Christ like no other resources we have. It will rip back the curtain that has been masking this culture for years.”