More than a Carpenter



More Than a Carpenter is an amazing evangelism tool!

Thank you for your generous gift and commitment in helping us take the gospel to people seeking truth all around the world!

Because of you, our faithful partners, this little book has reached millions of people for Christ- through 27 million printed copies, in more than 100 languages, in 150 countries. In the 36 years since More Than a Carpenter was first published, it is apparent that God’s blessing is upon this ministry.

Every week we hear from people whose lives have been changed by the truth-filled message of this book. Each year we get more and more requests for copies (for 2014 we received requests for 1,542,040 copies from 40 countries!).
Every $3.25 you give provides one life-changing copy of More Than a Carpenter.


The Douglas family is an incredible family who have a story you will want to hear.

Meet the Douglas Family

They let God turn their tragedy into triumph in the most remarkable way. One of the most impressive things Reid said about his experience was, “all of this points back to Jesus.” If you have ever lost anyone important in your life, you will want to see their short video. We think you will be blessed.

Reaching Every Generation

Through loss and a little book, Rachael and Reid Douglas reached many people for Christ, and you can too. God is using More Than a Carpenter in the United States and around the world to point people to Jesus. You can provide one copy for $3.25—click here to make a gift today

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Family and honor are very strong values in the traditional cultures of the four regions requesting More Than a Carpenter. When you reach one family member, you often reach the whole family. If you reach the father, you can reach the mother. If you reach the mother, you can reach the children. If you reach the oldest child, you can reach the younger siblings.

Recently, the ministry received a story about a Middle Eastern family. Other than having eight daughters, this family was culturally and religiously typical. One day when the father died, the eldest daughter, who we’ll call Hadiya, was given a copy of More Than a Carpenter. Hadiya read the book, found the Truth among its pages and accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. It was passed on until all eight sisters committed their lives to Christ. Two months later, Hadiya and her seven sisters led their mother to Christ.

“Wow!” Josh thought when he heard this story. “Who donated that book? I wonder if that person realizes the impact of his gift? Just one book reached nine people—perhaps more—for Christ!” The power of just one book—imagine what 330,000 copies can do!

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