Your Gift Changes Lives

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Be Changed.

Untitled iStock_000026588545_Medium  Three Crosses and Silhoutted Person in Prayer at Sunrise
Why God Created Humans A Similar Story Which Friend?
Young Couple Reading E Book On Train Journey  Give me strength iStock_000013620792_Small  iStock_000016218216_Medium
 The Most Opportune Time A Different Life God the Healer 21st Birthday
Female portrait TestimDev_UpLeft_690X460 mobile_Testimony3-5-13_UpLeft_690X460 homepage_UL_05012013_HelensHealing
Secrets of Loving Devotions a Blessing Christian-Muslim-Christian Helen’s Healing & Happy Ending
Katya’s Story Forgiven Much Gloria’s Gratitude Sexual Sin Redeemed
God Story Curriculum Impacts Youth Group Sharing the Gospel on a Horse Farm A Growing Church in Asia
Church UR_09302013_RaysRejoicing_MTAC_sm
Sister Shares Evidence (Self) Control for K Brother Saved at 83 Ray is Rejoicing
i-could-no-longer-accept-it-2 confident-in-gods-leading-and-guidance i-know-hurt-too-well 3052-2
Jeff’s Journey Confidence in God’s Guidance Knowing Hurt Too Well Set Free
i-was-in-the-audience-last-night-and-heard-your-testimony african muslim woman this-book-is-the-first-book-that-ever-made-me-cry-mom young man reading
Paula’s Kick Start African Auntie Bible Answers for Kids Answers for an Atheist
husbands-headache-of-salvation fotolia_8658419_subscription_l-e1357228872818 babysitting-for-jesus-2 cindys-satisfaction-e1356111782749
Headache of Salvation Porn Addict Babysitting for Jesus Cindy’s Satisfaction
Mom of Teens A Teacher’s Delight A.R.’s Healing A Copy for Kaisa
Fotolia_725708_Subscription_L matt they-have-no-idea why-do-i-believe-what-i-believe
Mara’s Struggle Hiding Faith They had no idea! Leslie’s Story
Cesiah’s Life Change Emily’s Encouragement Don’s Shift Slow Change
iStock_000000715765Large-e1357229373986 fotolia_4184325_subscription_l-e1357230227133 i-have-been-a-true-blue-christian-for-a-week-now-and-it-has-completely-changed-my-life-2 i-would-just-like-to-thank-you-so-much-for-you-book-love-is-always-right
Romanian Roommates Promise Keepers True Blue Christian Love Is Always Right
Fotolia_539675_Subscription_L Muslim Girl
 Saved from Suicide  Jamila’s Witness  Power of the A’s  Ministry in Mexico
young josh Nancy homepage_UL_Testimony_LaurelJail Caitlin_5-13-15_690X46
Josh’s Mom’s Testimony Definition of Love Blessing in Jail Caitlin’s Bus Ride
right direction
Right Direction From ’80’s to Post Office