The Bare Facts DVD & Book Translation Project

The Bare Facts Book Translation Project: The Bare Facts book is currently published in English and Spanish. In addition, a commercial publisher has been secured in China. The cost to translate the manuscript into a dynamic equivalent and prepare it for distribution is estimated at $7,500 per language. An initial print run is needed in many languages of 5,000 – 10,000 copies per language at a cost of $3.25 per book.  The following languages are slated for both the book and the DVD as funds are secured:  Simplified Chinese; Classic Arabic; Spanish; Portuguese; French; Armenian; Russian; Romanian; Swedish; Estonian; Albanian; Korean; Turkish; Polish; Serbian; Hungarian; Hebrew; German; Hindi; Tajik; Kazak; Farsi                

Cost per language for translation, editing and preparation of manuscript: $ 7,500

Cost for print run and distribution of:

    5,000 Bare Facts books: $16,250
10,000 Bare Facts books: $32,500

The Bare Facts DVD Translation Project: The cost to translate, edit, dub or subtitle, produce and distribute the first 1,000 DVDs is $56,000 per language. Spanish and Chinese translations are currently underway. Additional translations needed include Armenian, Classic Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, French Turkish, Russian and Portuguese.

Cost for translation and initial distribution of one new language: $56,000

Cost for international duplication for a set of 2 DVDs @ $2 X 10,000 sets: $20,000

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