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 The Bare Facts USA Tour

Combat America’s moral crisis

When Josh McDowell travels to churches around the country and around the world, pastors and youth leaders ask him the same question:

How do we talk with teens about sex, love and relationships?

Sex, love and relationships are at the front of the minds of young people across America. They have questions that demand answers from people they trust. But too often, the adults they trust are hesitant to talk about touchy subjects. Instead, young people are often left to look for answers in the wrong places — usually online.  Read More >

We need your help today to combat the growing moral crisis in America.

Your gift today will provide Josh’s book, The Bare Facts: The Truth About Sex, Love and Relationships to a pastor, youth leader or parent. For a gift of $75, we’ll even send you a copy for you or someone you care about.    

YES! I care about our young people and want to equip pastors, youth leaders and parents with biblically based, medically sound and culturally relevant information about sex, love and relationships. Click here to make a gift! .