China Outreach

The Chinese church is in the midst of a historic period of growth. Millions of hearts are turning to Jesus every year. And the church doesn’t have the capacity to train enough leaders to keep up.

That’s why we need your help right now.

By God’s grace, church leaders have asked Josh McDowell Ministry to join in a unique partnership to provide libraries of six of Josh’s books to seminary students, like More Than a Carpenter and Evidence That Demands a Verdict. What an amazing opportunity!

Watch recent videos from our friends in China!

Su and Chen said, “[the 6A’s teacher] brought God’s love to us . . . he shared the Gospel with my family . . . Now I have the power to accept my wife and the power to love my son and my parents.”


Specifically, seminary students who attend the 23 state seminaries and Bible Schools there do not have sufficient resources to purchase books written by sound, Biblically-based authors. Josh McDowell Ministry proposes to fill this need by providing a set of six Josh McDowell books for each of this year’s 1,748 seminary graduates in China. The Chinese collection of seminary books is valued at $41 per student.

Funding Needs: We would like you to prayerfully consider sponsoring seminary students who will change the lives of more than 1,748,000 believers and non-believers across the continent as they share the Gospel in their churches. To meet the need for this year’s request, we are praying for $71,668 by November 15. Just $41 provides one library. How many can you send today? The Lord has opened this opportunity to impact generations for Christ in a region that desperately needs to know about Christ. This is a critical topic at a critical time.

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