Digital Wisdom Library

(Formerly “Project 300”)

Internet use around the world has exploded during the last decade. The Internet is an easy and cost-effective way to provide much-needed resources to an almost unlimited audience. Although Josh McDowell Ministry has had an Internet presence for many years, the enhancements included in this proposal will provide convenient, affordable, accessible resources for Christian leaders and families, people in closed countries to the Gospel, and house-bound individuals.

The ministry recently produced 221 short 3-5 minute videos or “Josh Talks” in English. The topics include: apologetics, relationships, parenting, self-image, and sexual abstinence. These videos offer a virtual, visual library of Bible-based resources on the Internet free of cost. The objective is to translate all 221 videos from English into other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, and other languages.  View Sample

Average cost per language to translate these resources is $ 17,000 per language

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