Foreign Language Websites

Josh McDowell Ministry feels a special affinity for truth seekers around the world.  Through ministry partners  books have been distributed internationally for many years. The ministry’s history is rich with stories about how God has used these books and resources in miraculous ways to win people to Christ. The resources are not stand alone items – they are distributed in the context of relationships designed to lead people to Christ, help disciple new and growing believers as their faith deepens and to help connect them to local churches.

Specialized web sites and books online have become a growing part of the outreach to truth seekers.  Many of Josh’s books are available in other languages via free downloads or on websites.  A good example of this type of ministry may be found on a Russian website.

This side provides a sense of the scope of teaching and resources available. You will see several of Josh’s Digital Wisdom Library videos on the home page of the portal. Books and other resources are also available.

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