Global Events

Outreach To:  Truth Seekers, Young People, Parents, Pastors, Christian Leaders, Young Communicators

Young Communicators Summit – January 2012

In January 2012, Josh McDowell and more than fifteen communications experts held a five day training experience for 60 young communicators who have experienced God’s call to a speaking ministry. Participants from 6 countries met for this unique event in which Josh shared a wealth of information that he has gleaned over the last 50 years.  This event was so successful that the ministry is considering requests to offer this material in a DVD format as well as at other venues such as the annual Campus Crusade for Christ bi-annual staff training at Colorado State University in 2013.


Need:  Call for specifics


Ministry Outreach at Arab American Festivals 2012

We believe that God has positioned JMM to be catalytic within our culture here at home. Our strategy with truth seekers at JMM is to:

ü  Serve as a catalyst to raise awareness

ü  Develop partnerships that minister to truth seekers

ü  Motivate and education churches in the USA to care for truth seekers


To fulfill this strategy, JMM has tested several forms of outreach, training programs, short term mission experiences (like the Dearborn festival) and is exploring partnerships with organizations like the Crescent Project


Dearborn, MI – June 2012             Need for 2012: $35,000

This will be our fourth year at the Dearborn Arab American Festival. Attendance is 250,000. The outreach includes:

  • An author booth where Josh books are given away book;
  • a short term missions experience for  volunteers involving in-depth training on building relationships with truth seeker
  • a community outreach in partnership with local churches through showing Undaunted
  • follow up by local churches that minister to truth seekers

In the first two years of this outreach, the ministry has trained more than 100 volunteers and staff, given away more than 15,000 books (The Witness, More Than a Carpenter, and other books)

Examples of results of this outreach:

  1. Williamsburg Chapel started Sunday School class using material
  2. Northeast Presbyterian Church started Wed night training class
  3. One participant returned to Dearborn to do more evangelism with Brother Elijah
  4. One participant is training people to build relationships at Arab Festival in Phoenix in October 2010
  5. Westover Church is adopting an Iraqi refugee family
  6. CA men’s ministry group began holding training classes to build relationships
  7. CA participants explored Garden Grove festival on their own
  8. Largest Baptist church in South Carolina started classes and now other churches are asking for the training curriculum
  9. We have produced a short documentary film “Love Your Neighbor” to be used in raising awareness and inspiring US churches to reach out to truth seekers.


Garden Grove, CA – September 2012

Need for 2012:                           $25,000

This will be JMM’s second official year at this festival.  Truth seeker population is over 750,000. Attendance last year was over 60,000.


The outreach may include:

  • Booth where Josh’s books will be given away.
  • a short term missions experience for volunteers involving in-depth training on building relationships with truth seekers
  • follow up by Cru ministry partners already at work ministering to truth seekers

Showings of Undaunted