Heartbeat Tallinn 2012

July 24-29, 2012, Campus Crusade for Christ International (which is called “Agape” in Europe) will host a unique, 7-day experience in the city of Tallinn, Estonia. The festival will include a number of events, concerts and activities including a bicycle rally, musical entertainment, street arts, youth events and other forms of outreach. There will be public events as well as special Agape Europe events.

Agape Europe has partnered with local churches, other organizations and the Tallinn city government to create Heartbeat Tallinn 2012. It is the largest Campus Crusade outreach that has ever been done in Europe and incorporates 3,000 volunteers from 30 European countries. This week long experience has been designed by the Agape Europe Area Leadership Team and will be a life-changing series of events for many of the 400,000 people expected to attend.

Follow Up Strategies: Each country will be sending an advance team that will serve to plan coordinate and follow up with the participants coming from their countries. Every strategy developed is centered on sharing Christ with a particular audience in a relevant, relational way, including follow up when the events are over.

There are 50 follow up strategies that will be used, some of the major ones include:

  • Distribution of special versions of More Than a Carpenter that contain follow up contact information and an invitation to KnowingGod.com;
  • Use of the KnowingGod.com website and the My Story strategy
  • Alpha International and Alpha Switzerland will be offering Alpha courses as follow up in many countries

Josh McDowell’s Role: Josh will be a featured speaker during the week. An estimated 100,000 of the participants will be exposed to his evangelistic messages and his story.

In addition, we will be translating, dubbing and showing the new film, Undaunted-The Early Life of Josh McDowell as an evangelistic outreach during Heartbeat Tallinn and afterwards for television broadcasts.

Heartbeat Tallinn 2012 is being promoted throughout Europe and particularly in Estonia through television, radio, magazines, newspapers and social networking outlets like Facebook. A website has been established at: http://www.2012.ee

Funding Needs:

Funding for follow up literature: 25,000 More Than a Carpenter can reach 50,000 people

Cost: $75,000

Translation of Josh’s personal story in film,Undauntedinto Estonian for showing at Heartbeat Tallinn, for airing in advance as publicity for Josh’s events at the event and for use on television in Estonia.

Cost: $7,000

Travel expenses for Josh and the JMM team

Cost: $5,800

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