Literature & Printed Resources

Josh McDowell has authored or co-authored more than 128 books and resources over the past 50 years.  Some of these resources are available in more than 85 languages. Some are available in both print and digital formats, depending on the specific needs of each country. Books on CD are an emerging resource for closed countries, particularly in areas of the Middle East where more than one evangelistic or apologetic resources may be combined on a single disc.

Indigenous ministry partners from Campus Crusade for Christ International (known in some parts of the world as Life Agape or Power to Change or Cru) have requested over 1.3 million books in over 30 languages for distribution in their countries during 2012.

(Please see list of 2012 International Book Requests for specific titles and countries)

Cost for 1,363,000 books at an average cost of $3.25 per book: $4,429,750

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