Online Ministry & Media

Need:  $200,000 Website redesign

The goal of Josh McDowell Ministry’s Internet Ministry is to meet the spiritual needs of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through our website, through social networking channels, and through partner websites.

  • Our desire is to minister on-line to people all over the world in a culturally relevant manner.
  • We offer free videos, audios, and downloads of books or portions of books.
  • The Internet Ministry provides free content to other ministries–to serve them–so that they can more effectively minister within their spheres of influence.

Our greatest challenge is to stay current, relevant, and up-to-date, using the most effective electronic media design and graphics available.

We seek not only to be online and available, but to present the timeless TRUTH in a way that attracts the attention of internet users all over the world.  We want to increase our effectiveness while reaching   more people – both those who do not yet know Jesus and those who need resources in order to grow in their faith.

New tools are now available, and we want to take advantage of these new technologies.  We need to buy new software to upgrade and other parts of the JMM Internet Ministry.

We believe that God is calling us to expand the Internet Ministry, forge new partnerships, and draw more on-line visitors so that they can access information they need and obtain JMM resources

There are one-time costs to accomplish all this, plus on-going website design, maintenance, hosting, product fulfillment, processing, and transaction fees.

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