Testimony3-5-13_UpLeft_690X460I wanted to say More Than A Carpenter has helped me and my faith so much. I remember the first time I read it was in the 80′s. I was born a Christian but converted to Islam in my 20′s. I came back to Christ in 2008.  I am an American living in [Europe].

Why did I come back to the LORD? I met a man from South Africa who planted a seed and that seed grew. We used to have some debates and people were thinking we didn’t like each other. He is my brother to this day.

I was waiting for a train one morning — as I literally just missed one train. As I waited for about 20 minutes I called the info button and asked when the train was coming.  After the train came and I got to work I was told about what had happened. I got on the bus a few stops from where the bomb went off. I asked myself what kind of people could kill innocent people like this. I took the train the next day to work and was listening to some gospel music and the words of the song convicted me and I had to beg Christ for forgiveness. The people on the train I’m sure thought I was a nut case. But I became renewed in my mind body and spirit. I thank Jesus to this day.  My wife was a muslim as well and she gave her life to Christ…

Be blessed in Jesus name. I was called to the ministry and I am starting my study in Evangelism and witness to many people with my testimony — being a Christian who became a muslim who went back to Christianity. Knowing that I would lose my head if I ever went back to [an] Islamic Country as a Christian. I am reminded of a hymn called “Abide With Me.”

- Ed Hollis



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