Cindy and God’s Sovereignty

homepage_UL_07022013_CindysSatisfactionWhen I was in high school, I started asking some difficult questions regarding the Christian faith… How do I know if the Bible stories are true? Can I confirm that Christianity is the true faith, unlike all other religions? How will I relate the Bible stories to my personal life? How does the death of Christ save me from hell?  Many other questions spun through my mind.  I am a very cognitive person, and I have always longed for my mind to be satisfied so my heart can truly embrace what I believe.  This dilemma continued on, and my hunger for truth did not wane.

During college, I came across a leaflet about the Eastern religion’s explanation of the virgin birth.  There’s a virgin birth?!?!  After moving past this reality, the next question was, Which virgin birth is valid: the Christian’s claim or this leaflet’s claim? God soon began to answer my questions…

I visited my coworker’s house while working for an Architectural firm, and there was a book on the coffee table.  It looked boring and thick.  The font was small, single spaced, and there were no graphics.  It wasn’t very enticing until I read the title: Evidence that Demands a Verdict: Historical evidence for the Christian Faith.  I read the table of contents and ended up borrowing the book, so I could read it for myself.  I was shocked, because I was unable to put it down! In fact, I wasn’t able to sleep or eat or work without this book by my side.  Each page became an audible voice from God answering my questions about His sovereignty over everything in this world and my life.  He satisfied my mind through Evidence that Demands a Verdict, and my heart readily embraced God’s lordship without a single double.

I am now serving a God that is not a figment of my imagination, but the real God who created the heavens and the earth, the God that designed history and is a part of that history, the God that personally satisfies my heart, mind, and soul.

Cindy P. De Tablan, Personal Revival Asia