Sexual Sin Redeemed

Pornography addiction can lead to serious consequences and behaviors that are both damaging and devastating. However, NOTHING is beyond the reach of God’s redemptive hand. A young boy named Jeff* acted out from his pornography addiction, resulting in three sexual assault cases and legal discipline. Jeff has repented and is now walking in the forgiveness and freedom of God. His family now has an incredible ministry to bring awareness to the consequences of pornography addiction. The following is a statement from Jeff’s mom about Josh McDowell resources on pornography:

“I am so grateful that God is raising people up to write books and speak about this epidemic. I’m glad I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It will be so nice for me to be able to recommend solid biblical resources for people when they ask me. People are starting to take notice of this, we can’t hide it anymore.” 

*Jeff, age 13, not his real name

For full testimony, please read here.