Sharing the Gospel on a Horse Farm

iStock_000021009133_SmallI own a small horse farm in Chardon, Ohio, just down the road from where the shootings occurred.  We have been here since 1997 and have used our farm and the horses as a way to reach children with the gospel message for over a decade now.  I attended a fund raiser two years ago for Agape Christian Academy at Parkside church and heard Josh McDowell speak at the event.  He shared a statistic that God used to motivate me to step up everything we were doing at our farm to reach children for Christ.

Josh reported that if we have not reached a child with the gospel message by age 12, then they only have a 4% chance of accepting Christ as Savior.  My heart broke for the children in Chardon that come to our farm for camps, lessons, and bible study riding groups. God reminded me that many of them are 12 and under, so I made a decision after hearing Josh speak to present the gospel message at every day camp program we offer and not just at select camps.  The result has been amazing and we have reached over 100 children who have prayed to accept Christ as Savior at our different programs in the past two years!

In spite of the tragedy that just occurred here, God is at work here in Chardon and I have seen his mighty hand work to reach out to the children here.  He used Josh McDowell and his ministry to light a fire in my heart to do everything we could to beat those statistics with what God has given us!  Please pray for our farm and that God would continue to use us in an even greater way after this tragedy.  I am praying about expanding our farm to reach more children.

Thanks and God Bless,

Jim Baka
Beracah Valley Farm
Chardon, Ohio


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