More Than a Carpenter

URGENT NEED = $343,555 by August 31!

We need your help to fulfill requests from around the globe for copies of More Than a Carpenter  (over 100,000 copies requested). Please give generously today!

Help people LIVE, DEFEND and SHARE the truth of Jesus!

$32.70 provides 10 copies of More Than a Carpenter

There’s an enormous need for Christ-centered books in regions of the world that are closed to the gospel — where people yearn to know and understand truth that will bring them both meaning and salvation!

YOUR GIFT TODAY will go directly to distributing Josh McDowell’s book More Than a Carpenter in regions of the world where Christian resources are rare, restricted and sometimes even illegal.

We need your help to fulfill requests (for over 100,000 copies) of More Than a Carpenter from our hardworking ministry partners in closed countries in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. They’ll use Josh’s book to share the truth of Jesus Christ and the reliability of the Christian faith.

$343,555 needed by August 31 to fulfill requests pouring in from around the world. Please send a generous gift today!

Every day we receive letters of thanks from all around the world…expressions of gratitude that are really meant for YOU!

Mara from a closed country in Central Asia writes:
“After reading More Than a Carpenter, I knew I wanted the Lord to be part of my life. So I asked Him into my heart.”

A new believer in the Middle East shared:
“People in my country don’t like philosophy. They want direct and simple. More Than a Carpenter very simply and clearly explains why we should believe in Jesus. This book explains who He is, what He is all about and gives proof that He is the Savior.”

From an American Christian serving in Cuba:
“I met a young woman who insisted I see one of her books. There among her others was a well-read copy of More Than a Carpenter, complete with dog-ears, underlined sentences and handwritten notes. It was truly her most prized possession.”

Please give generously and help reach into difficult-to-reach regions of the world with the truth of the gospel.

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Every $32.70 you send today will provide 10 copies of More Than a Carpenter. And since each copy of More Than a Carpenter reaches 10 people on average with the truth about Jesus … Every $32.70 you give will reach 100 people!

In order to fulfill requests for approximately 105,000 books, we need to raise $343,555 by August 31!


MULTIPLY your gift 10X! Each $32.70 you give will provide 10 copies of More Than a Carpenter to fulfill urgent requests from around the globe.