Youth Devotional Archive

Title Date
Are You Sure You’re Sure? 10/31/14
Claim It and Enjoy It! 10/30/14
Locker Room 101 10/29/14
The Spirit of Sex 10/28/14
Save Yourself for More than Sex 10/27/14
God’s Version of Superglue 10/26/14
Divorce is a Dirty Word 10/25/14
A Standard for Friendship 10/24/14
Being the Right Kind of Friend 10/23/14
The Futility of Hoop-Jumping 10/22/14
Take it Away, Jesus 10/21/14
The Wisdom of “Foolish” Words 10/20/14
Turn to the One Who Understands 10/19/14
Rolling with the Punches 10/18/14
Down but Not Out 10/17/14
Help to Make It Through 10/16/14
Working Your Way Through the Pain 10/15/14
Blindsided by Death 10/14/14
Tapping into the Power of Love 10/13/14
More than Enough Love to Go Around: Part 2 10/12/14
More than Enough Love to Go Around: Part 1 10/11/14
A Life Worth Watching 10/10/14
Details, Details, Details 10/09/14
Fully Fact or Fanciful Fiction? 10/08/14
Is the Holy Bible Holey? 10/07/14
More Love than You Can Handle 10/06/14
Specially Equipped 10/05/14
After God Made You, He Broke the Mold 10/04/14
Do the Math 10/03/14
Commissioned 110 Percent 10/02/14
A Lifetime Commitment 10/01/14
Taking Control 09/30/14
X-Rated Scenes on the Brain 09/29/14
Going One-on-One with Sexual Curiosity 09/28/14
Can the Garbage 09/27/14
No Lie 09/26/14
Up Close and Personal 09/25/14
Tough Questions About the Law and Love 09/24/14
So Are We Under Grace or Not? 09/23/14
Which Testament is Number One? 09/22/14
Laying Down the Law About Love 09/21/14
How to Break Out of Loneliness 09/20/14
Super Friend 09/19/14
Who Are You Hanging With? 09/18/14
Talking Deep 09/17/14
One-Sided Friendships 09/16/14
Trust Test 09/15/14
Don’t Overdo It or Underdo It 09/14/14
Looking Out for Number One 09/13/14
Loving the Person in the Mirror 09/12/14
Sex Isn’t a Dirty Word 09/11/14
“Everybody” Isn’t Always Everybody 09/10/14
It’s What’s Inside That Counts 09/09/14
Who’s Number One? 09/08/14
Rest in His Peace 09/07/14
Taking Your Spiritual Vitamins 09/06/14
An Inside Job 09/05/14
The Gift that Keeps on Giving 09/04/14
When You Want to Disappear 09/03/14
the Basics of Avoiding Boredom 09/02/14
Chasing the Wind 09/01/14
Phoney Forgiveness 08/31/14
Sundown is Coming 08/30/14
Not Getting What We Deserve 08/29/14
The Oil of Relationships 08/28/14
Levels of Love 08/27/14
When Authorities Clash 08/26/14
Whom Should I Love More? 08/25/14
Taking Your Love in Two Directions 08/24/14
The Christian’s No-Brainer 08/23/14
Helping New Christians Get a Good Start 08/22/14
Helping Babies Grow Up 08/21/14
Are You on Target? 08/20/14
Tell It Like It Is 08/19/14
Putting in a Good Word 08/18/14
Getting a Clear Picture Step by Step 08/17/14
Seeing Yourself with 20/20 Vision 08/16/14
Hanging Out with a Helpful Crowd 08/15/14
Plant Yourself Where the Truth about You Flourishes 08/14/14
Guilty Because of Who He is 08/13/14
He is Who He Says He is 08/12/14
Those Who Knew Him Best 08/11/14
The Jesus Question 08/10/14
Yesterday, Today, and Forever 08/09/14
Make Yourself at Home 08/08/14
No Pain, No Gain 08/07/14
There’ll be Some Changes Made 08/06/14
I Love Your Book! May I Have Your Autograph? 08/05/14
Make Sure You Have the Basic Equipment 08/04/14
The Human Solution 08/03/14
It Sure Feels Like Love 08/02/14
Call Them “The Ten Freedoms” 08/01/14
Good Reasons to Wait 07/31/14
Your Route of Escape 07/30/14
The Dating Game 07/29/14
Serving God Hands Down 07/28/14
The Faith Factor 07/27/14
I Believe — Kind of 07/26/14
Mountaintop High 07/25/14
Putting on a Show 07/24/14
What the World Needs Is Love, God’s Love 07/23/14
Please Help Me: I’m Falling 07/22/14
You Don’t Have to Be a Doormat 07/21/14
Love Without Strings 07/20/14
God’s Will, Your Desires — They Fit 07/19/14
First Things First 07/18/14
God’s Will on Two Levels 07/17/14
Finding God’s Will Is an Attitude Issue 07/16/14
Is There a Way to God’s Will? 07/15/14
Who Told You Who You Are? 07/14/14
Image Is Everything 07/13/14
Are Your Looking to the Media or the Master? 07/12/14
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 07/11/14
Who Will Be Your Everything? 07/10/14
Three Bills and a Baby 07/09/14
Why did My Friend Go Away? 07/08/14
Home is Where He is 07/07/14
Family Feud 07/06/14
Time’s Up 07/05/14
What’s the Difference? 07/04/14
Love is Always Right 07/03/14
Do IOU? 07/02/14
Busted by Jesus! 07/01/14
Guess Who You Are Really Supporting 06/30/14
A Supportive Attitude 06/29/14
Lending a Hand 06/28/14
Time Out 06/27/14
Have a Heart 06/26/14
Hide-and-Seek 06/25/14
There’s Plenty of Room in the Tomb 06/24/14
Dead and Alive 06/23/14
Blend with Your Non-Christian Friend 06/22/14
A Tale of Two Criminals 06/21/14
A Personal Invitation 06/20/14
The Bad News Makes the Good News Even Better 06/19/14
Love Lasts Longer than Ice Cream Sandwiches 06/18/14
The Hen and the Jewel 06/17/14
Who’s Keeping Score? 06/16/14
Do You Have that Loving Feeling? 06/15/14
It’s All About Character 06/14/14
Staying Within the Lines 06/13/14
What’s the Latitude of Your Dating Attitude? 06/12/14
No Longer an Island 06/11/14
Dad Really Loves Me 06/10/14
You’re Accepted, Not an Exception 06/09/14
Wrong Way! 06/08/14
I Love You — Period! 06/07/14
Love That Touches Your Heart 06/06/14
Read All About It 06/05/14
Which Way is Up When You’re Down? 06/04/14
The Driver’s Instruction Manual 06/03/14
Stick with the Game Plan 06/02/14
Jury Duty 06/01/14
Fire in the Eyes 05/31/14
Where Do You Draw the Line? 05/30/14
What Now? 05/29/14
The Walking Dead 05/28/14
On the Outside Looking In 05/27/14
Telling What You Know 05/26/14
Hey, I Don’t Deserve This! 05/25/14
Never Believe a Snake in the Grass 05/24/14
Is Elmer Gantry Alive and Well? 05/23/14
Potted Plants Can’t Answer Prayer 05/22/14
It’s Not You, but What God Can Do Through You 05/21/14
Are You Power-Packed? 05/20/14
The Only Way to Go 05/19/14
The Spirit of the Matter 05/18/14
You Want Me to Build What? 05/17/14
Who’s That Looking Back at You? 05/16/14
It’s an Honor to Serve Him 05/15/14
He Just Keeps Loving and Loving and Loving You 05/14/14
Have I Died Yet Today? 05/13/14
It’s Payback Time 05/12/14
Hurting with Those in a World of Hurt 05/11/14
The Thrill of Second Place 05/10/14
A Body in Need is a Body Indeed 05/09/14
Brain Transplant 05/08/14
When Prayer Needs a Voice 05/07/14
How Is Your Prayer Confidence 05/06/14
Bringing Out the Big Gun 05/05/14
Can We Blame God for Bad Things That Happen? 05/04/14
Bad Things Happen to Good People 05/03/14
Too Late for Another Chance 05/02/14
Love and Hell Don’t Mix, Do They? 05/01/14
Faith Like a Hole in the Ceiling 04/30/14
The Super Superhero 04/29/14
Plugging In to the Power Source 04/28/14
Be-Attitudes for Friends 04/27/14
Being There When Your Friends Are Down 04/26/14
A Safe Place for You 04/25/14
Forgive and Forget 04/24/14
Who Gets into Your World 04/23/14
If You Were the Only One 04/22/14
The Higher the Price, the Greater the Value 04/21/14
Living on the Edge 04/20/14
Deal With It and Keep Moving On 04/19/14
No Compromise 04/18/14
Finding the Road to Freedom 04/17/14
Taking a Stand When You Would Rather Take a Seat 04/16/14
This Machine is Out of Order 04/15/14
Getting Personal with “The Force” 04/14/14
God on Patrol 04/13/14
What You Do for Love 04/12/14
Does Love Make it Right? 04/11/14
Power Struggle 04/10/14
It’s a Matter of Life and Death — and Life! 04/09/14
Whatever Happened to Easter? 04/08/14
Eyewitness Account 04/07/14
Clues to the Big Surprise 04/06/14
He Became One of Us 04/05/14
Is There an Elvis in Your Life? 04/04/14
Getting to Know Him 04/03/14
A Knight to Remember 04/02/14
A Family Affair 04/01/14
A Reservation for Your Destination 03/31/14
100 Percent Faithful 03/30/14
Are You are Aren’t You? 03/29/14
When the Pressure is On 03/28/14
Dinner in A Time Machine 03/27/14
A Moment-by-Moment Friend 03/26/14
A Day in the Life of Whoever 03/25/14
It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good He Is 03/24/14
Hey, You with the Fluorescent Orange Hair! 03/23/14
There’s a Price on Your Head 03/22/14
The Great Pretender 03/21/14
Building Bridges 03/20/14
The All-Time Right Thing to Do 03/19/14
The Book of Love 03/18/14
God Wrote the New Book on Love 03/17/14
Who Wrote The Old Book on Love 03/16/14
Can You Feel the Love? 03/15/14
One Gigantic Sign from God 03/14/14
Keep Blooming Where God Plants You 03/13/14
Guess What I Heard About You 03/12/14
Looking for a Pony 03/11/14
Do Yourself a Favor and Love Yourself 03/10/14
Gladiators, Aliens, and You 03/09/14
Getting to the Bottom of the Rules 03/08/14
How Do You Measure Truth? 03/07/14
Self-Appointed Judges 03/06/14
Who’s Right About Right and Wrong? 03/05/14
Credit Check 03/04/14
The Egg and I 03/03/14
Here Comes the Judge 03/02/14
What Part of Perfect Don’t You Understand? 03/01/14
Someone to Watch Over Me 02/28/14
Death, Taxes, and Temptation 02/27/14
Your Inner Self-Portrait 02/26/14
Break Free From Those Flimsy Chains 02/25/14
Big Person on Campus 02/24/14
There’s More to You than Meets the Eye 02/23/14
Check Your I.D. 02/22/14
Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door 02/21/14
Getting to Know You 02/20/14
It’s God’s Way or the Highway 02/19/14
Does God Grade on the Curve? 02/18/14
The Right Right and Wrong 02/17/14
Loving When It Hurts 02/16/14
When Love is a One-Way Street 02/15/14
What Kind of Love Are You Talking About? 02/14/14
Love Makes the World Go ‘Round 02/13/14
Know the Score about “Scoring” 02/12/14
You Have Friends in Weird Places 02/11/14
Nice Guys Finish Last — But Not Always 02/10/14
What’s on Your Wish List? 02/09/14
The One and Only 02/08/14
Something to Chew On 02/07/14
I Feel the Need for Seed 02/06/14
Fads and Facts About Faith 02/05/14
He Knows Just How You Feel 02/04/14
When Friends Go Away 02/03/14
You Don’t Go Through Tough Times Alone 02/02/14
Sometimes I Feel So Lonely 02/01/14
Putting Your Life in His Hands 01/31/14
Busted for Taking A Day Off 01/30/14
A People-Centered Focus 01/29/14
Friends in a World of Hurt 01/28/14
A World of Friendship Opportunities 01/27/14
The Umbrella of God’s Protection 01/26/14
The Friendship Killers 01/25/14
Becoming Best Buddies 01/24/14
How Will You Know If You Don’t Ask? 01/23/14
What Color is Your Jesus 01/22/14
The Nitty-Gritty Savior 01/21/14
Tough Guy 01/20/14
Breaking Down the Barriers 01/19/14
The Liberator 01/18/14
Call Yourself a Rescue Ranger 01/17/14
Get the Word Out 01/16/14
Mobilizing a Rescue Operation 01/15/14
The Biggest No-Brainer of Them All 01/14/14
God, Please Help My Friend 01/13/14
Just a Few More Hours 01/12/14
I’m Your Daddy Now 01/11/14
Free at Last, I’m Free at Last 01/10/14
Happy Re-Birthday to You! 01/09/14
To Find a Friend You Have to Be a Friend 01/08/14
Bad Apples in the Barrel 01/07/14
A Friend in Need 01/06/14
Down in Lonesome Town 01/05/14
What a Way to Go! 01/04/14
Ask for Something Outrageous 01/03/14
Like Father, Like Son 01/02/14
No Way? No Way! 01/01/14
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? 12/31/12
“If It Weren’t for Emily…” 12/30/12
“I Want to Be like Mike” 12/29/12
Time to Settle In 12/28/12
Why Pray When You Can Worry? 12/27/12
Peace on Earth! 12/26/12
The Best Christmas Gift 12/25/12
Nativity Trivia 12/24/12
What’s So Funny About Money? 12/23/12
Wise Investing 12/22/12
The Right Stuff 12/21/12
No Strings Attached 12/20/12
The Temple of Love 12/19/12
Don’t Settle for Anything Less 12/18/12
What’s Love Got to Do with It? 12/17/12
For Goodness’ Sake 12/16/12
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses! 12/15/12
Filling Up the Train to Heaven 12/14/12
Fill ‘Er Up at the Soda Fountain 12/13/12
Tapping into Your Power Source 12/12/12
Getting Back on Track 12/11/12
Trapped in the Middle 12/10/12
How to Turn to the Right 12/09/12
Under Control or Out of Control 12/08/12
Coming on Strong 12/07/12
Are You Bowing Under the Pressure? 12/06/12
Rare Book 12/05/12
Getting the Word on Tough Choices 12/04/12
Don’t Ever Buy a Compass That Points South 12/03/12
Finding Your Way One Step at at Time 12/02/12
How to Get There From Here 12/01/12
A Way Out 11/30/12
Out with Bad Thoughts, in with Good Thoughts 11/29/12
Is It Good For You? 11/28/12
To the Death 11/27/12
You Can’t Get Around the Empty Tomb 11/26/12
Eyewitness News 11/25/12
Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? 11/24/12
My Tribute 11/23/12
Give Till It Helps 11/22/12
Mercy, Mercy 11/21/12
Upward Mobility 11/20/12
Everybody Is a Priceless Treasure 11/19/12
Turning the Dark Clouds Away 11/18/12
Thinking About the End 11/17/12
When Sin Gets in the Way 11/16/12
Both Soup and Salvation 11/15/12
Let the Love Flow Out 11/14/12
All in the Family 11/13/12
Howdy, Neighbor 11/12/12
You Can Do It 11/11/12
Is Anybody Interested in Me? 11/10/12
Turn On the Love Light 11/09/12
For Such a Worm as I 11/08/12
Who’s Blocking the Light? 11/07/12
Switch On the Light 11/06/12
What’s on Your Price Tag? 11/05/12
Poor Doubting Thomas 11/04/12
Stewed Tomatoes and Tennis Shoes 11/03/12
Believing Isn’t Rocket Science 11/02/12
Close Your Eyes to Blind Faith 11/01/12