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Bare Facts

Listen and learn as Josh shares his heart as a father, delivering frank and intimate answers to 43 top questions students ask about sex, love and relationships. Josh believes that no question is off limits and that knowledge, not ignorance, is the key to youthful purity and a fulfilling marriage and family. Videos

Bible: Fact, Fiction, or Fable? (Day of Discovery)

Is what was written down 2,000 years ago true? What is a manuscript and how is it passed down throughout history? Josh addresses manuscript transmission and text criticism in Day of Discovery. Learn the printing process and how it has changed over time. How does it affect the books we have today?

Deity of Christ

The “if…then” argument applied to Christ: “If God became man, then what would He be like?” Josh guides us on this important topic with quotations and observations of great Christians and non-Christians about the person, character, life, and death of Jesus of Nazareth, and His impact on the world for two thousand years. PowerPoint

Just 1 Click Away

J1CA addresses the issues of internet pornography in the lives of youth today. What can parents do, and how should the church address it? Pornography ResearchAdditional ResearchJ1CA BookletPowerPoint

Reclaiming Easter

Addressing many claims from Da Vinci Code, Josh McDowell validates the deity of Christ by looking at the events we celebrate today as Easter. Did Jesus claim to be God? What did first century Jews really think of him? What evidence is there that Jesus died and rose again as the Son of God?

Straight Talk with Your Kids about Sex

Working from their own experience with four children, Josh and Dottie give encouragement and solid information in the sometimes-awkward process of guiding their child into a healthy understanding of God’s gift of sex.

More Talks by Josh

7 A’s – Building Relationships That Transform Families

Truth without relationships leads to rejection. Discover how relationships form the very foundation on which we pass on our faith to the next generation. Josh shares 7 practical principles essential for developing relationships with your kids. Espanol

Address of Jesus

Jesus Christ fulfilled 333 prophecies. This PowerPoint takes you through the genealogy of Jesus, his unique life and death and the prophecies fulfilled.

Definition of Love

How do you define “Love?” Is it a feeling or something more? PowerPoint

The Bible: Fact, Fiction, or Fable?

Josh will discuss the historical accuracy and cultural relevance of the scriptures by answering these two pivotal questions: “Is what we have today what was written down 2000 years ago?” and, “Is what was written down 2000 years ago true?” PowerPoint

Right From Wrong

Josh’s message Right From Wrong will enable you to lead students to discover how to make right moral choices based upon God and His Word as their absolute standard of right and wrong. Student and adults will discover what standards of behavior are right for all people, for all times, for all places. This message will play a vital role in strengthening the moral foundations of our young people and providing them with clear direction on how to always make right moral choices.

Self Image

God sees you for who you really are — and He likes what He sees! That’s why He took the extraordinary, self-sacrificing steps to form a relationship with you. Accept that relationship and experience the true joy of being you! PowerPoint

Skeptics Quest

Josh will share his testimony, and address issues such as “What is Truth,” and “The Deity of Christ.” He will share the importance of relationships as it relates to understanding the love and grace of Christ.

Teaching Truth in Today’s Culture

Research shows that the vast majority of our churched young people have distorted beliefs about Christ and Christianity. Josh presents the depths to which these distorted beliefs have infiltrated the minds of our churched youth and altered their attitudes and behavior. He shares critical steps that we as parents and adults need to take to reverse this alarming trend. PowerPoint

Relationships That Transform

Josh focuses on helping parents see the need to develop authentic relationships with their children. Josh points out the importance of showing unfailing love and truth to their children.

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

If we are not confident that Jesus literally rose from the grave to atone for our sins, our faith for salvation is on shaky ground. But the good news is that Christ’s bodily resurrection is a historical fact. We have ample reason to believe that this pivotal event is factually true, and this gives us ample reason for great confidence in our hope of eternal salvation. This message will help solidify and firm up our faith as Josh helps us consider some of these evidences for Christ’s resurrection.