PKFRPReclaim the Message of Easter

When Easter is associated more with a bunny than the resurrection of Christ, we need to reclaim Easter’s true message.  Christ’s resurrection is the great hope that Christianity offers to a hopeless world—forgiveness of sin and an afterlife with God, free of pain and suffering, and filled with boundless joy!  A bunny can’t do that.

This Easter, take advantage of these specially-priced Easter packs, along with helpful free downloads and videos, to share the hope of Easter with those you know.


Resurrection Articles

Digital Wisdom Library – Videos

Free Pastor ResourcesRE_cover_front_400x400
Serving Bible teachers: downloads for teaching Easter/Resurrection. Click here
bible250x250THE BIBLE, docudrama from Genesis to Revelation, re-telling the stories revealing new insights.

A.D. The Bible Continues
 is a 12-week journey of the rise of the Church.

sog_180x150Son of God
is a major motion picture that brings the life of Jesus Christ to the big screen.