The Bare Facts: help Josh McDowell fight back against America’s moral crisis

When Josh McDowell travels, pastors and youth leaders ask him the same question:

How do I talk with teens about sex, love, and relationships?

Sex, love and relationships are at the front of the minds of young people across America. They have questions that demand answers from people they trust. But too often, the adults they trust are hesitant to talk about touchy subjects. Instead, young people are often left to look for answers in the wrong places. Usually online.

Every 24 hours, more than 2.5 billion pornographic emails are distributed. Nearly 60% of all website visits are sexual in nature. We have a problem that you can help solve.

Pervasive sexual immorality in our culture is the greatest threat to the cause of Christ. 

In a culture where sex is everywhere and purity has lost its meaning, young people, including those in the church, are left to face tremendous sexual temptation without an understanding of God’s truth on the subject.

YOU can help Josh McDowell fight back against America’s moral crisis with biblically based, medically sound, and culturally relevant information. Your gift today will help support Josh and his team as they take the battle for our youth to cities across America.

To thank you for your gift of $75 or more, we will send you Josh’s book: The Bare Facts: the Truth about Sex, Love and Relationships. And for a gift of $200 or more, you will also receive the three-DVD set of The Bare Facts.

A warped view of love, sex and relationships not only threatens the health and safety of our young people, but it’s an obstacle to boys and girls having faith in Jesus Christ. 91% of all young people have been exposed to pornography.

The Bare Facts was developed to equip parents, pastors and churches to provide biblically based, medically sound, and culturally relevant answers for young people’s questions. It blends time-tested ministry methods with cutting-edge technology to provide practical, biblical, relevant answers.
Your gift today will help America’s youth meet Jesus Christ in a whole new way