Bible: Fact, Fiction or Fallacy?

Josh will discuss the historical accuracy and cultural relevance of the scriptures by answering these two pivotal questions: “Is what we have today what was written down 2000 years ago?” And, “Is what was written down 2000 years ago true?”

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Can you know truth? Hostile Witnesses
What is “History”? Lines of Reasoning
Does truth constantly change? Confident Appeal
True or changing? Switch in Acts 2:22-2:55
Historiography “I AM the Truth.”
Bibliographical Test Die for a lie?
Methods for Dating Manuscripts Andre Cole: Illusionist
What is the timeline? The Resurrection
How many manuscripts are there? Chuck Colson: Pressure
Comparative Significance Willingness to Die
Is what was written down true? What did the disciples die for?
What Scholars Say about the NT Dying for a Great Cause
Strong Case for Reliability To the Jew, the Messiah Could Not Die
Eyewitness Accounts Messiah: Preeminent Political Ruler
“We have heard… We have seen…” The Empty Tomb
“We were eyewitnesses…” Lives Turned Upside Down

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