Summer Internships

Josh McDowell Summer Internships

Are you passionate about apologetics? Come serve with our team as Josh shares how to live, defend & share the Christian faith.

Available Summer Internships


HR Associate

Seeks vibrant individuals who want to see His Kingdom grow by building dynamic relationship and shaping culture.  Come use your professional skills to gain hands on HR experience.

What will I do?

  • Help build a volunteer program
  • Participate in HR strategic planning and implementation of overall goals
  • Plan and organize JMM staff events

Location: Plano, TX



Josh’s Team Intern

Use your professional skills to help Josh and his team in the communication of the message which God has entrusted to Josh by carrying out a wide variety of administrative tasks and assignments which will allow Josh and the team to be as effective as possible.  Jump in and gain first hand experience in PR, marketing and designing presentations.

What will I do?

  • Contacting venues to promote Josh Events and follow up after events
  • Arrange media interviews
  • Serve with Presentation Specialist
  • Other administrative tasks as needed

Location: Plano, TX



Media Specialist Intern

As a Media Specialist you will use your knowledge and experience in web development (computer programming, web design) and graphical communication (images, videos, audio) in the production of websites (primarily) but not limited to -- apps and other interactive projects. You should understand customer experiences and be able to employ new and existing content along those paths.

What will I do?

  • Website design (graphical and programming)
  • Create online ads (GoogleAds, Facebook, etc.)
  • Digital marketing thru e-mail and social media content development and campaign promotion

Location: Plano, TX


Frequently Asked Questions

Internships are not paid, per se. Josh McDowell Ministry, a ministry of Cru, is a support-based ministry. This means that we have no central funds for paying our missionary staff or interns. However, if you are accepted into an internship, we will train you on how to raise financial support from churches and individuals who have a heart to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

The salary of a U.S. intern after taxes is approximately $1,200 per month. This includes approximately $500 for housing/rent costs. In addition, the intern must raise support for Social Security and federal taxes, health insurance, ministry expenses, and overhead. So the total is approximately $2,500/month. This will be more if conferences, summer projects, or any other predetermined costs are added.

Living expenses vary by each persons particular needs.

Yes. After you apply and are accepted, you will be trained how to raise your financial support.

All applications are submitted online at When prompted to designate preferred ministry, select “Other Ministry” then select “Josh McDowell Ministry”.

You can apply online year round. Once the application materials are complete and all references are received, the turnaround time is four to six weeks until you receive a decision. The earlier you complete your application the better.

We have a list of qualifications for potential Cru staff that include God’s leading, a walk with God, spiritual maturity, moral conduct, character, emotional maturity, effectiveness of witness and others. Learn more at:

Applicants must have a minimum educational background of a high school diploma, at least one year of college, and be at least 18 years of age. A college degree is not required.

If it is time to report to your assignment, but you are not at full support, one of two things can happen. If not much support has come in, then that is probably an indicator that God is calling you to do something else. The (very few) people who do not see their support come in are still thankful for taking this step of faith and can see God’s hand in it. If you are very close to finishing, a short amount of additional time (two weeks) might be allotted for you to complete your support raising and still get to your assignment. Each situation will be evaluated on an individual basis, but you must be at full support and have clearance from your Intern Coordinator in order to report to your assignment.

Will I have any help or encouragement during the support raising time?
Yes. At Cru, we call support raising Ministry Partner Development (MPD). During your MPD time you will be assigned a coach who will help you through the process. While this person cannot go on appointments, dial the phone, or write letters for you, he or she will give you weekly instruction and encouragement along the way. He or she will help keep you on track toward your goal of being fully funded for your internship.

Being in debt does not automatically disqualify you from serving as an intern. Our heart is to ensure that a person who takes part in the internship program would not have a monthly debt payment that would prove to be a hardship based on their salary. We also want you to be in a financial position to join staff in one to two years as the Lord may lead you to serve with us long term. In addition, we want you to consider the potential personal costs associated with high debt, which includes greater stress and anxiety and a decreased ability to take advantage of opportunities, save for unexpected events, and give generously.

Part of the application process is to gather more information (individual loan amounts, monthly payments, etc.) to help provide you with a clear picture as you think through your options. Each person’s situation is different and will be considered as a part of the application process. It is our desire to help you look at the near as well as distant future in order to help be the best steward of your life lived for Christ.

Many parents have concerns about the future career with Cru that their son or daughter might be considering. We hope to answer some of your questions and give you a clearer picture of who we are and what we do.

Learn more at: If your parents would like to talk to one of our Josh McDowell Ministry staff about their concerns, they can contact Vivian Bailey (