Alex McLellan

For over fifteen years, in a dozen countries, Alex McLellan has been sharing ultimate truth with ordinary people.

Alex McLellan is a speaker and author on Josh McDowell Ministry’s global team. For nearly twenty years, Alex has been speaking around the world – shining the light on the truth of the gospel. His passion is sharing good reasons to believe we can make sense of this broken world. There is hope! We can discover the truth and come to know the one who is the way, the truth, and the life, Jesus Christ!

Meet Alex

Alex McLellan loves to tell others about the Hope believers have in this broken world, particularly on the topics of:

  •  Encouraging Christians – with reasons to believe
  •  Equipping Christians – with reasons to share
  •  Engaging non-Christians – with reasons to think

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Alex completed his BA in Communications from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago (‘96), and he was awarded an MA in Philosophy of Religion from Talbot School of Theology in Los Angeles (‘02).


Sometimes the world doesn’t make sense and we wonder if there’s any purpose to it all, any meaning to our lives. Figuring out life is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. The good news? You don’t need every piece of a puzzle in place to see the big picture. You just need enough important parts that stand out and fit together. Christianity is reasonable because it resonates with how we see and experience the world. We’ll never have absolute certainty – about anything, but we can have confidence in the truth of the Christian worldview.

One of the hardest parts of talking about Jesus is knowing where to start. A Jigsaw Guide to Sharing the Good News begins at the beginning and paints the big picture in 3 minutes in 3 easy steps: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? This pocket-sized resource will make sure you’re always prepared to share.


How do you reach the unreachable with the good news of the gospel? This beautifully illustrated coffee table book is a remarkable fusion of evangelism, apologetics and the arts. An engaging story of one girl’s journey to put life’s broken pieces back together, the reader will see the big picture and understand the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.

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A Jigsaw Guide to Life with Alex McLellan

NEW! Alex’s new 15-minute podcast will help you connect and communicate Truth in a culture of confusion. A commentary on critical issues, Bible teaching that builds bridges, and interviews that inform, inspire and encourage you. Released every two weeks for download or watch on YouTube.

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Episode 01 - First Things First

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Episode 02 - The Jigsaw Puzzle

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Episode 03 - What do people say when Christian leaders walk away

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Episode 04 - Interview with Josh & Dottie McDowell

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Episode 05 - 1 Peter 3:15 - Sharing faith is hard!

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Episode 06 - The MOST important thing

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Episode 07 - Is Truth too hot to handle?

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Episode 08 - June McLellan's Story

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Episode 09 - Romans 12:2

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Episode 10 - Are All Beliefs Created Equal?

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