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Why Do My Parents Think I’m Weird?

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Why do my parents sometimes look at me like I just arrived from outer space?

In a word, because you have changed. Consider your appetite. Where you once ate three meals a day (excluding vegetables, of course), you now have the appetite of a giant termite consuming a week’s worth of groceries in a matter of minutes without any help from your friends.  Speaking of which, you parents don’t routinely interact with a person dressed in black leather with orange hair and a three-carat diamond in his pierced nose.

If those two developments alone aren’t enough to amaze them, what about your growth? They may be somewhat fearful that if you keep growing at the same rate you have, you body might soon be as big as your mouth (from their perspective, of course). Your intelligence has also grown.  You now know everything about everything.

Where you once were polite and well mannered, you now burp in public and respond to all questions with a terse, “Leave me alone.” You no longer require any sleep.  You go to bed at 4 am and get up at 7.

If you are a guy, you never leave your room.  if you are a girl, you never come out of the bathroom.

In a matter of months they have witnessed a radical transformation take place in their “little boy” or “little girl.” Little wonder they sometimes look at you as if you are sort of strange.  Don’t worry, the same thing happened to them.  It’s a great time of life that everyone goes through.  Parents speak of it with great memories in regard to themselves, but with fear and trembling when it comes to their own children.  it’s called the teenage years.

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