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Why don’t my parents like any of my friends?

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There are probably different reasons for different friends. Usually the main reason is fear that a particular friend has been or will be a negative influence on you. They know (possibly from experience) how easy it is to pick up bad habits, and they don’t want you to get into trouble. Or perhaps your parents think your friend is disrespectful. For example, take a typical phone conver-sation: your friend calls up and asks, with the sensitivity of a water buffalo, “Is Wild Man Willie there?” They would much rather hear a polite, “May I speak to William please? This is Mark calling.”

Another reason is they might be thinking your friend isn’t good enough for you. This is true especially if your friend is of the opposite sex and you want to date him or her. Perhaps the underlying reason for all of these is that your parents want the best for you and very few of your friends can measure up to their standards. This issue, like many others in your relationship with your parents, can be a reason to initiate World War III or communicate (peacefully) some strong feelings. Choose the latter and be glad your parents care for you.

Taken from The Teenage Q&A Book, pg. 3