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I Have a Lot of Problems. My Friends Say I Should Try some Stuff. What do You Think?

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Drugs don’t make your problems go away. While on a high, you may escape them for a while, but when you come back down, your problems are always there waiting for you.

Do you need help battling addictions or temptations related to drugs and alcohol?

If anything, drugs only make your problems worse. Now you have all the trouble that drugs bring along with them like the need for extra cash, the need to keep what you do secret, the problems with parents, teachers and the authorities, the tendency to either do drugs more often, in heavier dosages, or move on up the ladder to a stronger drug.

When you get into drugs you also lose your ability to make intelligent, rational decisions and act upon them. You become a slave to a cruel taskmaster. You lose your freedom to decide where you want your life to head. Drugs begin dictating every aspect of your life.

Taken from The Teenage Q&A Book, pg. 85