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My Girlfriend Wants to Make Sure We are Sexually Compatible Before We Get Married. Is that Legitimate?

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You don’t buy a brand new pair of shoes without first trying them on, do you? Of course not! So then it makes sense to make sure you are sexually compatible before you are married, right? Wrong!

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In the first place, neither one of you is a pair of shoes. You are not taking something home to try on or use. If you want to compare your wedding night to something, a better analogy would be giving a box of Kleenex to somebody. No matter how pretty the color, how much would they appreciate it if they discovered the Kleenex had been used?

God has designed your wedding night to be like the explosion of dynamite. If you don’t wait, it can be reduced to nothing more than the pop of a little firecracker.

Rarely will you find two people who aren’t sexually compatible. So tell your girlfriend you are waiting for the fireworks.

Taken from The Teenage Q&A Book, pg. 74