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Why do My Best Friends and I Fight Over Little Things?

Reading Time: < 1 minuteFriendships go through stages. The first stage is the I’m-getting-to-know-you stage. During this stage you learn about each other. Then you move to the I’m-getting-to-know-you-better stage. This stage holds the potential for the most fun. The third stage is I’m-getting-to-know-you-all-too-well stage.

During this stage you’ve come to know each other so well you say the same things at the same time. But you have also gotten to know each other’s negative traits, and they bug the daylights out of you.

If you haven’t experienced any conflict with your best friend yet, either (a) your best friend is an imaginary friend, or (b) you really don’t know each other well enough yet. Because when you get to know someone really well, conflict is inevitable. No two people are exactly the same. They have different backgrounds, different perspectives and different desires. Sooner or later you will have a disagreement. But as you learn how to handle your conflicts your friendships can grow.

Taken from The Teenage Q&A Book, pg. 118