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What is Rape or Date Rape?

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Rape occurs when sexual intercourse or oral sex is forced on you against your will. This could be by someone you know or by a complete stranger. Nearly 75 percent of all rape and sexual assault is done by a person known to the victim.

Date rape occurs when intercourse or oral sex is forced on you by the person you are dating. The force does not have to involve a weapon or even the threat of physical harm. It can be trying to overpower a victim physically. It can also involve intimidating threats like, “Hey, if you don’t want to put out, you can get out of the car right now and walk home.”

Rape or date rape is a violent crime and it’s against the law. Yet you’ve probably heard some people say, “They brought it on themselves by the way they acted or dressed.” That’s wrong! No one has the right to rape another person, no matter what she’s done! If someone forces sex on you, you’re the victim and they’re the lawbreaker. Remember, forced sex is not love; it’s a crime!

Taken from The Teenage Q&A Book, pg. 186