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What is a Christian Worldview of Aging?

[Original post by Sean McDowell found here.] This goal of this blog is for me to soak up wisdom from my father and share it with you. I have been blessed to have an incredibly influential father, Josh McDowell. He has written over 150 books and spoken to more young people live than anyone in… Read more »

5 Reasons You Should Get Apologetics Training

[Original Post by Sean McDowell] The purpose and nature of apologetics is often misunderstood. Some people think it’s about arguing for the faith. Others think it’s about apologizing.   In reality, apologetics simply refers to the defense of what you believe to be true. Tweet But isn’t apologetics someone else’s job? Isn’t it reserved for... Read more »

Do We Really Live In A “Post-Truth” World?

PHOTO CREDIT MIKE LICHT [Original Post by Sean McDowell  It’s official. The 2016 word of the year is “post-truth.” Last year it was an emoji. In 2014 the word was “vape.” And in 2013 it was “selfie.” With the truth twisting, emotional appeals, and personal attacks that characterized this past election season, Oxford Dictionaries selected… Read more »

Should Christians Be Tolerant or Intolerant? Interview with Josh McDowell

[Original post by Sean McDowell] SEAN: Dad, what is tolerance and how should it properly be defined? JOSH: A traditional definition has been to respect and honor another person’s beliefs and values without endorsing them or accepting them. In other words, tolerance involves loving someone with whom you may totally disagree. A number of years ago… Read more »

9 Important Insights about Generation Z

Move over Millennials. A new generation is here. For the past decade, there has been considerable discussion about how to understand and reach Millennials. But now there is a new generation, roughly those born between 1995 and 2010, which are the newest focus. [Original Post by Sean McDowell] While the name Generation Z seems to... Read more »

Truth is a Person—Not Simply An Idea

[Original Post by Sean McDowell] Truth matters. And in our moments of honesty, we all know this. Minimally, we all live as if truth matters. It’s unavoidable. Truth matters in religious matters too. All religions (including atheism) claim to present a true depiction of reality. And this includes Christianity. But there is a key fact… Read more »