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Alex’s Special Message About Fathers

Alex McLellan, June 3, 2019

I remember when “Happy Father’s Day!” wasn’t so happy for me. Hi, I’m Alex McLellan with Josh McDowell Ministry. I was three years old when my non-Christian parents got divorced, and my sister and I went to live with my mother. For the next six years, Happy Father’s Day wasn’t… Read more »

Why a Jigsaw Guide to Life?

Alex McLellan, April 16, 2019

Join Alex McLellan as he explains how we can navigate through a broken and confusing life with HOPE! Why a Jigsaw Guide to Life? Well, it’s not too difficult to look at life like a giant jigsaw puzzle. The biggest puzzle of them all. This world is broken. Life is… Read more »

Your Purpose: Gained Through Knowing God

Alex McLellan, March 5, 2019

Howdy! Welcome to our seventh post in our new year-long blog series we’re calling “Journey Together.” In a recent post we asked and answered the question, “Can we can trust God?” In this post we look at how our relationship with God helps us to discover our life purpose. A jigsaw guide to… Read more »