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Rethinking Accountability: A Proactive & Healing Approach Part 2

Ben Bennett, May 28, 2019

We live in a world full of stress, hurt, and things that were not meant to be. Regardless of our particular struggles, we all develop ways of dealing with stress and pain in our life — often through unhealthy choices. As I shared in my last blog post, I developed… Read more »

Rethinking Accountability: A Proactive & Healing Approach Part 1

Ben Bennett, May 28, 2019

Have you, as I have, experienced reactive and unhealthy accountability in your life? Have you found yourself hiding your struggles, or only sharing your unhealthy choices after you returned to them? Were you then shamed by others after you finally mustered up the courage to open up? In this post I… Read more »

Five Truths to Know About Mental Health

Ben Bennett, May 22, 2019

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. At Josh McDowell Ministry, we are passionate about helping people to get the support they need for these complex issues. In recent years, mental health issues have risen among young people. In fact, seventy percent of teens say anxiety and depression are major… Read more »

Self-Image: Five Steps To Overcome Shame

Ben Bennett, April 26, 2019

As I mentioned in my previous post, our shame and self-image plays a significant factor in the unhealthy thoughts and actions we struggle with on a daily basis. Many of us don’t yet see ourselves as God sees us, because we’re stuck in seeing ourselves as the world, friends, and… Read more »

Your Identity: Are You a “Worthless Sinner”?

Ben Bennett, April 22, 2019

For most of my life I believed I was a worthless sinner, only tolerated by God because of Jesus’ work on the cross. Sure, I “knew” that God loved me, but I believed that I was still a “wretch” with minimal value. Throughout my years in ministry, I’ve known many… Read more »

Porn, Sexual Assault & Changing a Culture of #MeToo

Ben Bennett, April 1, 2019

More than ever, we live in an over-sexualized world. Daily we are bombarded with sexual content from the media, advertising, video games, internet, and movies. Reports of sexual misconduct are regularly in the news. Misconduct that takes place in our communities, amidst those we love, amongst us, not some distant… Read more »