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Speechless Students

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blog_stories_revival“The principal from the High School asked our help with the students from their dormitory.

One night, two of them, went out (without permission) and broke the law. The police caught them and they ended having a criminal record.

To prevent such things in the future, the principal asked us to help shape the students’ character and their decision making process.

We did not expect what was going to happen. We started to meet every Thursday night for two hours. We began by watching movies based on true stories, followed by similar live testimonies.

One particular night excited me the most. The audience was 100% non-Christian.

We watched Undaunted: The Early Life of Josh McDowell.

At the end of the movie, there is a portion where Josh leads the audience in prayer to receive salvation through Jesus Christ. Afterwards, he gives the viewers an encouragement to start reading the Bible.

The movie was followed by Lucian’s testimony. His life has been rehabilitated by God after he grew up in a family with a violent, alcoholic father. Students were speechless. At the end of our time, I offered to students a couple of Josh McDowell books as well New Testaments. Almost all of them wanted a NTs. I gave all the books and also ran out of NT.

One of the students had to come with me in the parking lot to get a couple of NT from the car. The pedagogue assigned to watch the students, shared with us that she comes from a Christian family but she is the only one in the family who hasn’t followed God. We had a great discussion and I handed her a New Testament.

~ Leader in Romania

Provide Undaunted resource bundles that introduce broken people to Jesus Christ

Bring healing — and the hope of the gospel — to hurting hearts

Undaunted: The Early Life of Josh McDowell is a movie that shares some of the heart-wrenching details from Josh’s early life, including growing up with an alcoholic father and experiencing severe sexual abuse at the hands of a man hired to help on the family farm. These are details that Josh has only recently shared, because the Lord convinced him that his story could help others who have experienced similar hurts.

Ministry leaders around the world have shared that this movie has helped bring these hidden topics out in the open.

“In sharing my story through Undaunted, my prayer is that God will use it to bring millions of people to faith in Christ,” Josh says.

Will you help tell even more people around the world about Jesus Christ by helping put this life-changing movie into the hands of those who desperately need it?

Every $9.85 you give will provide one Undaunted resource bundle, which includes:

  • a DVD of the movie Undaunted translated into the heart language of those who will receive it
  • an Undaunted study guide or other follow-up resource specifically tailored to the culture
  • other resources like More Than a Carpenter that will help new believers grow in their faith

Your gift TODAY will help distribute Undaunted DVDs and other resources into the heart languages of people who need hope and healing. And you’ll help tell more men, women and young people all around the world about Jesus Christ.


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