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A Couple Changes

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Thank you Josh for being used by God!

Couple relationship

Forty-one years ago you spoke in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania on the topic…Roaming through Romans.  It was a Campus Crusade fall conference.  I was invited by a student from the University of Pennsylvania.  That weekend after hearing you share how a person can become a Christian, I trusted Jesus as my Savior.

A month later my girlfriend and I attended your Maximum Sex talk at Villanova.  We were so convicted by the Holy Spirit that we left the field house, went straight to our car and began praying to God.  We asked him to forgive us for being intimate before we were married and then we handed our sex life over to Him.

Judy and I began to learn how to love one another with Jesus as our focus rather than the sexual relationship we had for three years.

A year after my conversion and Judy’s recommitment to the Lord, we were married.  We headed off to Seminary, and during my first year on campus I ran into you at the seminary library.  I briefly told you my story—I will never forget your kindness and interest.

After graduation my wife and I served with the Coalition for Christian Outreach ministry in Pittsburgh and then I became ordained.  For over thirty years I have worked for renewal in my crumbling denomination.  Now in my sixties I am helping the church I am pastoring in Florida leave for another denomination.

Every time I read about you or see your picture in a magazine, I smile.  God used you in a mighty way in my young adult life.  Thank you for allowing the Lord to work through you for so many years.  I praise God for you and your ministry.



Sex is everywhere

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