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Hearing Clearly

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I was once scheduled to do a program for a seniors group.

Upon arriving, it was apparent that the church was very old and in desperate need of maintenance.  This seniors group met in what appeared to be a very old gymnasium.  As I walked in, all I could hear was the overpowering drone of an old air conditioner that sounded like a jet engine that was not operating properly.

I saw the pastor waving to me from about twenty feet away and saw his lips were moving, but I could not hear a word over the incessant noise.  A feeling of desperation ran through my mind as I wondered, if I can barely hear the pastor as he shouted his greeting to me, how in the world would senior citizens  be able to hear the program?  The pastor then directed me to a platform made up of unfinished plywood and two by fours that was leaning so far to one side that my table kept rolling off the edge.  When I stepped on the platform it felt very unstable and I began to wonder how my time there could possibly be effective.

As I began setting up my props the group began to filter in to the room.  One after another, determined individuals slowly and carefully made their way into the room using walkers and wheelchairs.  An overwhelming number of this group also rolled in their oxygen tanks.

My heart sank as I could see the need and at the same time felt trapped in a situation that to me appeared to have no chance of being effective.

I prayed, but I am ashamed to admit I felt little or no hope.  After seeing the Lord come through over and over again, you would think that my faith would be stronger.

During the first parts of the program the group appeared to be having fun, but I am really not sure how much they heard.  When it came time for the illustrations from More Than A Carpenter it was as if God reached out and put His hand on that air conditioner.  To this day I am really not sure if the machine was actually muffled or our sense of hearing was adjusted to the Lords voice.  Either way the Holy Spirit moved.  Fourteen precious souls prayed to receive Christ on that day.

God continues to show me it is not the location, or the conditions, or anything that I do, but it is all Him.  Even when my faith is weak His power reassures me He cares and is more than sufficient in every situation.