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URGENT NEED = $559,583 by October 31!

And a time-sensitive opportunity:

God has opened doors of opportunity for us in a country in Eastern Europe (we can’t mention it by name because we don’t want to jeopardize our projects there). In recent years, followers of the non-Christian ideology predominant in this country have made it harder and harder to share the gospel there.

Next month, when school starts, our teams will use digital tools like SD cards, USB flash drives and mobile hotspots to share the gospel with 50,000 students at six universities across the country.

Will you help us take advantage of this opportunity to reach this next generation for Christ?

Our partners need:

SD cards = 8,747 ($6.69 each)
USB flash drives = 12,558 ($17.19 each)
Mobile hotspots = 1,167 ($244.44 each)

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YOU can use technology to help share the gospel! Imagine the impact of your gift when each digital resource can be downloaded hundreds of times, reaching thousands upon thousands of people.


Give today to provide cutting-edge technologies to help unleash the gospel worldwide!

Your gift will provide SD cards, USB flash drives and mobile hotspots loaded with Christ-centered resources!


Today more people own a cell phone or smart device than ever before. Even among the most impoverished and isolated, a mobile device is an invaluable resource as it’s their only way to connect with their family and the world. Often men and women work hard just to afford food for their family and to pay for their digital device.

Digital tools such as SD cards, USB flash drives and mobile hotspots — LOADED with Christ-centered books, videos, worship music and more — help reach into places where missionaries cannot travel and where printed materials cannot safely be distributed.

Digital resources are highly effective because they’re:

  • Less expensive than printed materials
  • Easily concealed, which makes them ideal for closed countries
  • More far-reaching, since one digital resource can be downloaded hundreds of times, reaching thousands upon thousands of people

Right now, you can help provide much-needed digital resources such as The Deity of Christ, More Than a Carpenter, Undaunted, How to Be a Hero to Your Kids, The Witness, The Secret of Loving, See Yourself as God Sees You, Evidence That Demands a Verdict and more — even an Arabic Bible!


“In some countries, people aren’t reading books anymore. Everything is digital. So how do we reach people with the gospel in the language of their culture?”


“We currently have 3,600 mobile hotspots in the field. Each one has a minimum of 200 downloads a month — some have as many as 400 to 500!”

— Rashid, a staff member in the Middle East

$559,583 needed by October 31 to fulfill requests pouring in from around the world for digital resources.
Please send a generous gift today!