Digital Resources September 2018

Share the truth of Jesus in the language of today!



Our field partners have immediate need for:

50,000 USB flash drives

15,000 mobile hotspots

20,500 SD Cards

With these tools, they can reach an estimated 1.6 million people, mostly in countries closed to the gospel!


You can provide Christ-centered resources using cutting-edge digital tools!

Technology has been called the language of today. More people than ever before have smartphones and mobile devices. They use them to stay informed and connected.

In so many parts of the world, we cannot get God’s truth into the hands of those who need it unless it is concealed in small, easily hidden, digital packages. That is why USB drives, hotspots and more are so crucial.

For many of the people we need to reach, it is difficult, or even dangerous, for them to own a physical Bible or Christian resource. But they can access God’s Word on digital devices — and we need your help to provide them.

Will you help equip our field partners worldwide — especially in closed countries — to proclaim the good news using the latest technologies?

Never has the need been so great, and never have we been able to reach so many people. Thanks to your support, USB drives, hotspots and more are getting into the hands of truth seekers around the world. But we can’t stop now. Just one digital resource can be used hundreds of times to reach thousands of people, giving us the ability to share the good news easier, faster and farther than ever before!


No matter where our culture is going, we need to be there — together — sharing the truth of Jesus

It only takes one Wi-Fi mobile hotspot on an airline flight to share Christ-centered resources with more than 1,000 people. Wow!

In this age of unprecedented advancement, the potential to reach people with the good news and see their lives transformed by it is incredible!

Please GIVE NOW to use new technologies to reach even more people with the truth of Jesus.


$348,000 is needed by Wednesday, October 31, to fulfill field partners’ requests for Christ-centered resources in highly effective digital formats.