May 2017 East Asia

URGENT NEED = $175,920 by May 31!

We’ve committed to providing 8-book library sets to approximately 3,000 seminary students who are graduating in JUNE! Please send your most generous gift by May 31 to ensure every student gets books!

Provide Christ-centered books for seminary students in East Asia

$58.64 provides a set of 8 Christ-centered books.


Imagine you’re a brand-new pastor living in a region of the world where Christianity is not welcome.

Christ-centered resources are not widely available in your country. And when they are, they’re very expensive. Besides your Bible, you have no books. No study resources of any kind. You no longer have access to the books in your seminary library — only the spiritual truths your professors poured into you in the classroom.

Today, in East Asia, this is the situation many graduating seminary students and young pastors find themselves in.

Each $58.64 you give today provides an 8-book set of truth-filled, Christ-centered books for a future pastor.


Your gift will help provide these 8-book personal library sets, including Josh’s most influential books:

  • More Than a Carpenter
  • The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict
  • Answers to Tough Questions
  • The Father Connection
  • Why True Love Waits
  • How to be a Hero to Your Kids: 6 A’s
  • Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex and The Bare Facts (flip book with 2 titles in 1)

Give today and you’ll help equip East Asia’s next generation of church leaders with the sound biblical knowledge they’ll need to teach and defend their faith.

$175,920 needed by May 31 to ensure all 3,000 graduating seminary students will receive books! Please send a generous gift today!

And since these future pastors will soon be assigned to lead congregations of 1,000 to 10,000 people, that means your gift will help influence MILLIONS of people — in a region of the world that is receptive to the truth like never before!


“I am so happy to have these books. [They] will be a great resource for us to use as pastors, but also they will help us easily have explanations for people’s questions as we counsel them.” — Liu

Many seminary graduates like Liu are new to church ministry and need Christ-centered resources to help them discern false teachings and defend their faith.

“I am so very grateful for this generous gift of books. They will better prepare me for counseling others and in my sermon preparation. These are two areas where I need some practical help.” — Huang

For many graduates like Huang, the books you help provide will be the only Christ-centered resources they have, other than the Bible, as they embark on a life of ministry.

“When graduate students complete their studies and go on to the church, they’re like a child leaving home for a long journey. We miss them so much and really want to continue to give them spiritual support. The donated books will [equip] the students to serve better in their workplace, spreading the gospel and expanding the kingdom of God. Thank you so much!” — Professor Z.

Graduating seminary students will soon be assigned to churches with congregations of 1,000 to 10,000! Imagine how far-reaching the impact of your gift of books will be!

Each $58.64 you give today will provide an 8-book set of truth-filled, Christ-centered books for a future pastor in East Asia.

Please give generously. To ensure all 3,000 graduating seminary students receive books, we need to raise $175,920 by May 31!


Each $58.64 you give will provide a set of 8 Christ-centered books for a graduating seminary student