Fiscal Year End


$680,400 needed by Saturday, August 31

Share God’s 
gospel message.
Disciple new believers.

As Josh McDowell Ministry approaches the close of its fiscal year on Saturday, August 31, we need to raise $680,400 to meet urgent ministry needs worldwide — reaching those who need to hear the gospel of Jesus and discipling new believers. 

Ministry partners around the world count on you and your support to show the way to salvation. That’s especially true in these days when the people who are most open to truth are living in countries where Christianity is not allowed to be shared openly .

Whatever you can give now will help close the gap and finish the fiscal year on solid footing. 

Your gift will be used where it’s most urgently needed

The need is most urgent where there is the most hostility to God’s gospel message! Christian resources in these countries are just not easily accessible. Your gift today is the key to meeting this need and opportunity while there’s still time. 

Through your generosity, you’ll help us fill this gap and equip our ministry partners with the resources they urgently need to share Jesus. 

Please give today!