A unique opportunity to connect truth seekers in the Middle East with Jesus!

You can provide resources for this summer’s Gulf Partnership Outreach

Each year, thousands of people from the Middle East (particularly the Saudi Arabian Peninsula), travel to European cities for work, vacation, shopping, medical purposes and more.

Making the most of this window of opportunity, we reach out to these visitors with the truth of the gospel using your gifts of More Than a Carpenter, The Deity of Christ and Undaunted DVD (translated into Arabic and French).

$5.21 provides one Christ-centered book, DVD or SD card

This summer’s Gulf Partnership Outreach teams are busy preparing for this year’s activities. We need your help to produce these requested resources and ship them to various ports in time for distribution beginning in June.

At $5.21 each, we need your help to raise $371,153 by March 31 for:

  • 18,750 copies of More Than A Carpenter
  • 25,002 copies of Jesus: A Biblical Defense of His Deity
  • 12,495 copies of Undaunted on DVD
  • 15,000 SD cards loaded with Josh’s e-books

Please give a gift today!

Mohammed and Abdul — a Tale of Two Brothers

Mohammed* listened intently as our team shared about the cross and Jesus’ death and resurrection. “This is the first time I have heard about this!” he exclaimed. “Why haven’t our elders taught about this? I can’t refuse this logic. I do believe in the redemptive work of Jesus!”

The next day Mohammed’s brother, Abdul, came to us. “What did you say to my brother yesterday?” he asked. “After he returned home, he finished reading the books you gave him and read the injeel [New Testament]. He didn’t sleep until morning!” So our team shared the gospel with Abdul too!

Myriam, the daughter of a high-ranking religious figure, learns about Jesus

Two of our team members started a conversation with a Middle Eastern man and his wife who were sitting on a bench. They shared the gospel, and that Jesus loved them, and that He came to save ALL, not just Christians.

The man said they could not be convinced of this. “I need to leave,” he said. “But my wife can stay. She is the daughter of one of the influential leaders of the Middle East. If you can convince her, then you may be able to convince the whole country!”

So our team sat with Myriam*, the man’s wife, and shared more. She listened attentively, and promised to watch the DVD we gave her. “What a divine appointment!” shared one of our team members. “Usually men don’t allow their wives to talk privately with our people!”

Please send your most generous gift by March 31. Don’t delay. This window of opportunity won’t last long!

Each $5.21 you send will provide a truth-filled resource translated into Arabic, the language of those who will receive it.


*Names and images may have been changed for security purposes.

You can help people living in “unreachable” regions of the world discover the truth about Jesus. Every $5.21 you give provides a Christ-centered book, DVD or other resource.