No One is Immune

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YouTube comment from Moody Founder’s week 2015 talk:Silhouette blur of human hand use slim notebook (like netbook

Excellent! Everyone needs to hear this and I’m so thankful that he’s addressed this issue [pornography] so openly.

I practiced as a marriage and family therapist for 12 years and the number ONE issue was this issue and we’re talking Christians.  I counseled at Hope International University, a Christian college and every client I saw this issue was a part of it, from female worship leaders to couples I saw.

When I attended Vanguard University for my Masters, there was a joke on campus about how they had all the dorms throw out all their porn during a specified week—from the guys hiding it under their beds to it being all over the sports complex. It’s a HUGE issue and it’s the church. I even had a woman in her 60’s come to me at a church I attended and she confessed her and her husband engaged in porn and they were in leadership… no one is immune.

God bless you Josh for telling the truth!

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