Straight Talk Parent Pack

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Who’s Talking to Your Kids about Sex?
In a sex-obsessed, media-saturated culture, you can be sure your kids are getting the message. But is it the one you want them to get? If your kids are going to get the message about God’s plan for sex, you’re the right choice to give it.
Knowledge, not ignorance is the key to youthful purity and a fulfilling marriage and family. This essential pack will give you confidence and provide you with straight-forward and biblically-based information for the sometimes awkward process of guiding your kids into a healthy understanding of God’s gift of sex.
This candid look at God’s gift of sex will equip young people and their parents to walk through the sexual minefield together – with confidence.”
Dr. Tim Kimmel, Author of Grace Based Parenting

Straight Talk sample pages Bare Facts videos, teaching outlines and more

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Straight Talk – 144, The Bare Facts – 126

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