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Challenge Grant Opportunity*

By God’s grace, a generous donor has offered a $20,000 challenge grant — which will MULTIPLY the impact* of your gift! That means $50 now multiplies in impact to provide 12 copies of The Right Choices Bible!

Help lead children and families around the world to Jesus

Requests for The Right Choices Bible are pouring in from the Middle East, Central Asia and East Asia. To fulfill these requests (31,000 copies) we need your help to raise $261,330 by September 30.

Written specifically for children, The Right Choices Bible is unlike any other book…

The Right Choices Bible does not ask WHO or WHERE questions, which prompt only factual or historical responses. But rather, HOW and WHY questions, which bring God’s Word from the head to heart.”

— an evangelist in the Middle East

Using culturally relevant illustrations and Bible stories that prompt meaningful discussion for children of all ages, children are able to really understand God’s Word, its relevance today and how it applies to their lives.

But it’s not just children God is reaching through this life-changing book…



Each $50 you give will multiply in impact* to provide 12 copies of The Right Choices Bible to help children and families discover the truth about Jesus.

Every week we receive updates about how God is using The Right Choices Bible to reach people of ALL ages, cultures and walks of life…

Children all around the world, many of whom have never seen a book — let alone a children’s book filled with pictures and easy to understand Bible stories.

Parents and entire families who have been introduced to The Right Choices Bible through the copy their child received. For many, it is the family’s first biblical resource.

The illiterate and low-level readers, who are able to glean the truth of God’s Word from the culturally relevant illustrations.

Even non-believers! We hear miraculous stories of people coming to Christ…translators, employees of publishing houses, even anti-Christian authorities who read copies they’ve confiscated!

Today, through your generous gift, you can help bring about GENERATIONAL CHANGE that will impact children, families and even entire communities for eternity! Take advantage of the challenge grant* today!

Every $50 you send today will multiply in impact* to provide 12 copies of The Right Choices Bible.

$261,330 needed by September 30 to fulfill requests pouring in from around the world for The Right Choices Bible.

Please send a generous gift today!

Each $50 you give today will multiply in impact* to provide 12 copies of The Right Choices Bible.

Please give generously. In order to fulfill requests for approximately 31,000 books, we need to raise $261,330 by September 30!


*Only the first $20,000 received will apply to the challenge grant. Don’t wait — give a gift today!