Sowing seeds of truth in Russia

Sowing seeds of truth in Russia

You can help share the gospel with those who don’t know Jesus

“All of the current leaders of the church in Russia were raised in their faith by Josh McDowell books. At that point these books were the ONLY Christian books available in the Russian language, and now these people are sharing the gospel with the next generation.”
~ a ministry partner in Russia


$4.07 provides one Christ-centered book like More Than a Carpenter

Our goal is to raise $122,016 by November 30 to meet the resource requests of our ministry partners in Russia. Your gift will help provide resources, translated into Russian, including:

  • More Than a Carpenter / The Gospel of Luke (flip book)
  • More Than a Carpenter (digital version)
  • The Witness
  • The Resurrection and You
  • The Bare Facts
  • Straight Talk with Your Teens 
  • The Right Choices Bible

Viktor is one of our ministry partners who is leading the charge to reach his country for Christ. He uses Christ-centered resources like More Than a Carpenter and Undaunted on video to reach out to broken men and women who have hit rock bottom and landed themselves in rehab. Recently he shared:

Russia, just like any other country, needs the gospel. But we are seeing the fruit of our ministry here in the rehab centers. People’s hearts are being opened to the gospel. Many people who go through these rehab centers are now active in ministry. Many have become missionaries, pastors, leaders and more. Marriages have been restored. Parents have regained custody of their children. That means these kids have a family again! These are the good testimonies of God’s glory! This encourages us and gives us confidence that we are involved in important work.”

Your generosity will make miracles and life change like this possible.

Each $4.07 you give today will provide one Christ-centered book or resource. Please give today!


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