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3 Failed Naturalistic Attempts at Explaining Consciousness

    Original post by Sean McDowell here. Used with permission.   The existence and reality of consciousness present one of the most pressing challenges to metaphysical naturalism (the view that only physical things exist). In naturalism, everything that exists should be describable in physical terminology, including properties such as weight, size, and location. But… Read more »

Did the Bible’s Adam Really Exist?

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Does Adam’s historicity matter? The overarching theme running through all 66 books of the Bible is the story of God’s creative work, of humanity’s rebellion against God, and of God’s work to redeem fallen humanity. The straightforward way of reading the Bible is that Adam was a historical person. It also seems clear that Scripture… Read more »

New Intelligent Design Film Just Released! Creator Interview.

[Original Post by Sean McDowell] Illustra Media is the premier production company for the creation of video documentaries exploring the scientific evidence for intelligent design. Their movies include Unlocking the Mystery of Life, Darwin’s Dilemma, The Privileged Planet (my personal favorite), and many others. I use these videos regularly in my lectures, teaching, and even with… Read more »