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Christ Heals Our Hurt By Saving Us

A mental health epidemic exists today among young people. Gen Z is more lonely and depressed than any previous generation. Their hurt presents an incredible opportunity for Christ-followers to share the restorative gospel of Jesus. I don’t mean the “positivity gospel” that has seeped into the Church, but the authentic gospel that Jesus Himself taught…. Read more »

Introducing Resolution: Overcome Struggles and Thrive

Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett are launching a new initiative, Resolution, to help hurting youth find hope, healing, and freedom. Mark your calendar for the world launch of the Resolution Podcast on May 4, 2020. Invite your friends to listen in!   I (Josh) was recently speaking with the youth pastor of a large church. I… Read more »

COVID-19, the Best and Worst of Times

My ten-year-old son, Asher, turned to me in response to those who are struggling to make sense of the coronavirus: “…but Dad, this world is broken!” Everyone is affected by the spread of COVID-19, particularly the most vulnerable members of society — it’s heartbreaking! However, it’s wonderful to see many moved to reach out to… Read more »

Win Mentally & Emotionally During COVID-19

Greater economic hardship. Relational disconnection. Loss of loved ones. Uncertainty. Job loss. Xenophobia. Racism. Lack of safety. The effects of COVID-19 are endless, and ruthless. These effects not only threaten our physical health, but our mental, relational, and spiritual health. They threaten our ability to win mentally and emotionally. Continue reading, or click here to… Read more »