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33rd Street Prison

We went on a ministry trip to the 33rd Street prison in Orlando Florida. Some others who had gone to minister in this prison before informed us that nothing could be brought into the prison with us.  Even our car keys and drivers licenses had to be left with the guards in the check in… Read more »

Books on the Subway

Over 20 years ago in Russia, Stas and I, along with the Josh McDowell Ministry and hundreds of American volunteers, had the honor of planting seeds throughout the former Soviet Union. The doors of Russia had just opened. For the first time the Soviet people were free to hear the Gospel and learn about God. … Read more »

Invisible to the World — not to God

Brother Kuan lives in a country in North Africa that is hostile to the gospel. He’s the only believer in a small village where all his relatives live. Every day he experiences ridicule and offense — even from his relatives — because he believes in Jesus Christ. Life is hard in the rural countryside where… Read more »

Not For a Lie

A gal I am working with—her name’s Jen—her husband Dave received Christ two months ago.  Wayne and I gave him More Than a Carpenter. When he got to the part where the disciples went to their death—he said “they would not do that for a lie.” God is doing Miracles in this family! Thought you… Read more »

A Stark Contrast

Blake Woodall Owned the Famous (or Infamous) Starck Club in Dallas in the 1980’s “We just did whatever we wanted to do.” When his club became a drug hotspot, Woodall left, trying unsuccessful ventures in business and religion. “You know the people in robes handing out books at the airport? I think I’m the only… Read more »

A Generation of Believers

Russia, 2013. We just had the honor of hosting Sergei and Sveta Shashin, director of Russian Jesus Film, a ministry of Campus Crusade.  They are a result of the seeds/books that were planted throughout Russia in the early 90s.  At different times and places, both Sergei and Sveta received a copy of Josh’s More Than… Read more »

Hungry for the Word

I went to [Europe] to hand out Bibles and Christian literature; one of the books being More Than a Carpenter. I don’t know how many people told me they had waited a whole year to get one again because their books were thrown away at Customs or by [offended people] in the boat. They’d come to us in secrecy,… Read more »

Truth Never Void

For much of his life, Jallel knew little about Jesus. In fact, he considered himself an atheist. But at age 50, that began to change. In North Africa where he lives, Christ-centered resources like these are rare, restricted and sometimes even illegal. So it’s no surprise that he had never encountered Jesus.

“I need that book…!”

One of our Port Cities Project volunteers recently shared with us what a difference this project is making: “Last summer, a woman from the Middle East literally ran after one of our port cities teams that had run out of books, pleading, ‘I need that book that explains the message of Jesus!’” “Another woman living… Read more »