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A Father’s Model of Biblical Manhood

role model

On this Father’s Day, I am thankful for the spiritual role model my dad has always been for me. A senior pastor at Rockpoint Church in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, he began to ingrain in me, at an early age, the four traits of biblical manhood.  When someone asks me to define biblical manhood, I reference… Read more »

Parents: 7 Tips for Great Parenting

Welcome! Thanks for joining us for this, our latest post in our year-long blog series we’re calling “Journey Together.” In this post Josh shares 7 tips (his “7 A’s”) to help parents develop great relationships with their kids. Good parenting doesn’t just happen, it’s learned. The “7 A’s” include Affirmation, Acceptance, Appreciation, Availability, Affection, Approach… Read more »

Parents: 5 Delusions That Hurt Your Relationship With Your Kids

Welcome! Thanks for joining us for this, our latest post in our year-long blog series we’re calling “Journey Together.” Here Josh McDowell shares five parenting delusions that sabotage parents in having a close relationship with their kids. √ An important take-away: As parents, we can’t give what we don’t have, right? If you need to… Read more »

The Power of Grace-Filled Parenting

grace-filled parenting

Perhaps you know this first-hand: parenting children to make right moral choices can be really tough. You tell your kids the dos and don’ts — which you’ve put in place to guide and protect them — then watch in dismay when they choose to disobey. You sigh because you know what’s coming: you have to… Read more »

The Case for Dedicated Dads

Fathers who get involved in their kids’ education have a big effect on the health, academic success, and happiness of their sons and daughters.   The Case for Dedicated Dads by Jessica Lahey for the Atlantic   One out of every three American children grows up without a biological father. These 24 million kids miss out on… Read more »

9 Important Insights about Generation Z

Move over Millennials. A new generation is here. For the past decade, there has been considerable discussion about how to understand and reach Millennials. But now there is a new generation, roughly those born between 1995 and 2010, which are the newest focus. [Original Post by Sean McDowell] While the name Generation Z seems to… Read more »

8 Science-Backed Reasons Why Dads Deserve More Credit

From birth to adulthood, a Father’s involvement makes a huge difference in a child’s world. People make jokes, advertisers make commercials, and studios make movies and TV shows that tell a discouraging, insulting story of useless, unnecessary Dads. Clearly, they haven’t been talking to researchers any time in the last several years.  The numbers are… Read more »

Covering the Key Sexual Topics

Remember, you do want them to hear it from YOU first though you may feel they seem too innocent right now. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a frank discussion with your kids about sex, someone else will—the average age of first exposure to Internet pornography is 11 years old [1]. If you want your kids to… Read more »