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What is the Joy of the Lord? Can We Have it?

joy of the Lord

“The joy of the Lord is my strength.” If I hear a Christian occasionally use this expression, I always notice, as it’s not a statement often said. Certainly nowhere near the frequency of, say, “God is good!” or “Jesus loves us.” I think this is because Christians often struggle with joy. We know we’re supposed… Read more »

World Got You Down? 5 Daily Habits That Help


COVID-19. Racism. Violence. Political posturing. Selfishness. Hate. Just some of the negativity in our world right now. Yuck. As God’s people, we need to do better. Let’s try these five daily habits to better love God and others. Our ability to patiently listen to others? Habit. Our willingness to feel empathy? Habit. Our consistent focus… Read more »

Romans 8: Chapter of Assurance

Romans 8 Assurance

What Scripture is giving you assurance right now? For me, I keep returning to Romans, specifically chapter 8. These 39 Bible verses are packed with God’s promises of care and provision. Let’s look at some of them! For 50+ years, Josh McDowell Ministry has been leading seekers into a deeper knowledge of God’s truth and… Read more »

Is COEXIST a Biblical Command? Guest Blog

        Original post by Sean McDowell here. Used with permission. Along with my regular blog here at, I am now featuring occasional guest posts from some students in the Biola M.A. in Christian Apologetics that I personally had the privilege of teaching. This post is from my friend Tim Stratton, who has an excellent… Read more »

Peace of Mind in an Unstable World

No matter what the future holds, you can have peace of mind and confidence when you know this. No matter what happens in the world or in our own individual lives, is there a place to turn for stability? Can we look toward the future with hope, regardless of life’s and the world’s circumstances? These… Read more »